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Clutch Kits & Flywheels

At SC Auto Parts we offer a full range of clutch and flywheel products for every vehicle type including domestic and commercial vehicles. The clutch is a vital component of any vehicle so it’s important to have a high-quality, safe clutch in your car to guarantee smooth running and safety. If you’re unsure of what product you need for your car or vehicle, our team is happy to help and offer our professional advice and recommendations. With over a decade of experience as one of Ireland’s top clutch supplier & flywheel supplier, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when buying from us.

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Dual Mass Flywheel

Modern diesel engines generate high torque and, as a result, they often need extra smoothing out or damping. To help with this process a DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) is fitted. The primary function of a flywheel is to store energy which usually refers to the mechanical energy generated by the engine. When the engine produces excess power (for example, during acceleration), the flywheel stores this energy in the form of kinetic energy. This effectively allows two flywheels that transmit the drive through several springs which cushion the drive to the transmission. SC Auto Parts provides a range of dual-mass flywheels to suit all makes and models of vehicle.

Pressure Plate & Clutch Disk

The clutch plate is sandwiched between the pressure plate and the flywheel. When you push in the clutch, the clutch plate moves away from the flywheel, because a series of springs and bearings pulls the pressure plate back. When you release the clutch pedal, the pressure plate is engaged by the springs and then pushes against the clutch plate. When engaged, the pressure plate forces the flywheel and clutch together. A clutch plate is designed to handle different levels of force and apply different ranges of friction depending on its design and its materials. To buy clutch plates and disks form SC Auto Parts, get in touch or visit our online store today.

Solid Conversion Clutch Kit

SC Auto Parts supplies solid conversion clutch kits, which are made to replace the dual mass flywheel fitted by the manufacturer. Dual mass flywheels are renowned for failure and are usually replaced when the clutch needs changing, which can be very expensive. Our solid conversion kits comprise of a single flywheel which eliminates the weak point of the transmission, so if the clutch wears out you only have to replace the clutch and not the flywheel saving you vast amounts of money in parts and labour. Each kit contains the following items clutch cover, clutch plate, clutch bearing (or CSC), solid flywheel, clutch cover bolts, and modified flywheel bolts if required, suitable for almost all vehicles.

Clutch Release Bearing & Concentric Slave Cylinder

The clutch release bearing is a bearing fixed on the shaft going into the gearbox it is movable along with it. It is operated when you push the clutch pedal to the floor and cause the clutch mechanism to operate thus stopping driving force from the engine being carried through to gears. If you need a replacement clutch release bearing, SC Auto Parts can help. We provide a wide range of clutch release bearing to suit all types of vehicles, with professional advice and recommendations from our team always available when needed.
The concentric slave cylinder assembly is designed to operate directly in front of the clutch cover assembly. The unique design of this product eliminates the need for complex and sometimes expensive clutch release fork and linkage mechanisms. When a direct hydraulic load applied to the clutch via the master cylinder and concentric slave cylinder provides less pedal effort, and overcomes the possible loss of bearing travel due to wear often associated with conventional linkage or cable type systems. We sell a range of concentric slave cylinders to improve the running of a variety of vehicles, with great prices and fast delivery guaranteed.

Clutch Release Bearing

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Why Choose Clutch Kits & Flywheels from SC Auto Parts?

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Decades of Experience

SC Auto Parts has been in the clutch kit and flywheel industry for decades, which has given us plenty of experience providing high-quality products for all of our customers. From private vehicles to light commercials, we have something to suit everyone at SC Auto Parts.

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High-Quality Products

As a highly experienced company, the team at SC Auto Parts offers high-quality products to help boost the functionality of your car. Choose from clutch kits, dual mass flywheels, clutch release

bearings, concentric slave cylinders, pressure plates, and more to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

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Expert Professional Team

Here at SC Auto Parts, our team is highly experienced and fully trained to offer expert advice on all of our products. Whether you’re trying to choose the best clutch kit for your car or simply need some general advice, we’re always here and happy to help.

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