Telltale signs that your clutch needs to be replaced

As one of the hardest working parts of an engine, the clutch will wear down over time. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop this; however, clutch life can be extended by driving correctly and not putting undue pressure on the clutch.

While discussing clutches, we think about manual transmissions, but even an automatic car has a clutch. With a manual transmission, a driver changes the gears; automatic transmissions will do this – as the name suggests – automatically.

No matter what vehicle you drive, friction is created when a gear changes. This fraction inevitably leads to wear and tear on clutch components.

There are many telltale signs when your clutch components need replacing. This blog looks at the four common signs that your clutch needs replacing.

Slipping clutch

A slipping clutch is another sign that your clutch components need replacing. If your vehicle slips out of gear or if you find it difficult to switch between gears, it's likely that the component within the clutch has worn down and requires replacing.

A sensitive or a stuck clutch

A sensitive or stiff clutch is probably the most obvious sign that your clutch needs replacing. If the clutch pedal is hard to push down, there could be an issue with the hydraulic clutch linkage.

Another issue you should look out for is when you lightly press down on the clutch, the transmission disengages immediately. The regular operation of a clutch means that you should push down a few inches on the pedal before the transmission disengages. If the transmission disengages too early, it is likely an issue with the clutch, which you should have checked immediately.

A Burning Smell

This really can't be ignored. If you catch a burning smell when shifting gears like burning rubber, your clutch could be overheating. It's dangerous to drive a vehicle like this. Therefore, we highly

recommend waiting until your clutch cools down before driving to a garage specialising in transmissions.


Sometimes the burning smell is accompanied by smoke. An overheating transmission will likely produce smoke: smoke and a burning rubber smell mean your clutch plate is severely worn down. Sometimes the smoke can be accompanied by a loud piercing noise when pressing the clutch.

If you're experiencing any of the above issues, a component within your clutch likely requires replacing. SC auto parts provide the very best clutch components at competitive market rates. To discuss a range of parts, please contact us today.