Common Clutch Part Problems

Most vehicles with a manual transmission will eventually face problems with their clutch. A clutch is a hard-working piece of engine equipment and can be subject to excessive wear and tear. To ensure you notice problems early, we’ll look at some of the most common issues a clutch can encounter.


A common problem in a clutch is the wearing out of the throwout. The throwout is a component that is constantly spinning. Therefore, it can wear down or lose its lubrication.

You can detect this problem if a squeaking sound comes from the engine when you turn the car on, but this sound disappears when the clutch is activated. It’s essential to address this issue as soon as possible as it will damage the bearing.

Clutch Disc

Poor or reckless driving will eventually lead to wear and tear to the clutch disc. If your clutch pedal releases higher than usual or your vehicle struggles to accelerate under a heavy load. It’s likely a problem with your clutch disc.

Slave Cylinder

Something an issue can develop with the slave cylinder. Hydraulic clutches rely on the liquid to work; however, when this fluid begins to leak, hydraulic pressure cannot be produced, and the clutch system can stop working.

To find this problem, check your cylinders to see if they are leaking. This liquid will pool underneath the car. Sometimes this problem also produces a strange smell.

Warped Flywheel

A flywheel on a vehicle is bolted to the edge of the crankshaft. Over time a flywheel will begin to overheat and will eventually warp.

An uneven flywheel surface will make the clutch pedal vibrate when released. If you feel a vibration through your clutch, you likely have a warped flywheel.

Worn out Pressure Plate

The pressure plate is designed to clamp the flywheel to the pressure plate. This part can quickly begin to wear down. Like the flywheel, a worn pressure plate will produce a vibrating clutch.

The above represents some of the parts within a clutch that can wear down and require replacing. Contact the experts at SC Auto Parts today if you need a replacement flywheel or clutch.